Wotofo XFiber Cotton Review

wotofo xfiber cotton

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton is a brand of premium-grade organic cotton that comes in 3mm thickness. This brand was made for fast cotton preparation and is characterized by high absorption and retention abilities. It comes in packs of 30 pieces and is a perfect choice for preparing cloths for vaping.

100% organic cotton

Wotofo XFiber Organic Cotton is a unique product that provides fast cotton preparation. Made from multi-fiber blends and long fibers, this cotton is incredibly absorbent and wicks moisture away from the skin. Wotofo Xfiber Cotton is packaged fresh to provide the purest flavor and best absorption. It is also made from organic cotton, which means that it is free of pesticides, toxins, or other harmful substances.

Wotofo XFiber Organic Cotton is 6mm thick and is packaged in a handy re-sealable plastic bag. This organic cotton has an odorless finish, which means it absorbs e-liquid more quickly. The material is also electro-cleaned, so it does not retain its unpleasant odor. It comes from Xinjiang, a region known for its long-staple Cotton.


Wotofo Xfiber cotton is an enhanced version of Wotofo’s 6mm agleted cotton strips. It has an odorless and electro-cleaned finish and is made in Xinjiang, a region of China known for its long-staple and organic cotton. The region enjoys a favorable climate with long-lasting sunshine.

The strips of this organic cotton are ready-to-use, and they are packaged in a small travel box to prevent tangling. Wotofo XFiber cotton is 100% natural, and is made from chemical-free, organic cotton. It offers a good absorption rate, and great flavor retention. Users are recommended to use between three and six milligrams of eLiquid per strip. This may vary depending on the individual user’s preference.

Ideal for 6mm ID coils

Wotofo xfiber cotton is a great choice for 6mm ID coils. The material is easy to install and designed to fit snugly within a wire coil structure. It is also pesticide-free and guaranteed organic. It is resistant to dry burning and absorbs easily.

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton is the upgraded version of Wotofo Agleted Cotton. It is made from long, odorless, and electro-cleaned cotton. It is grown in Xinjiang in areas that receive up to 3500 hours of direct sunlight per year. The material is odorless and has a supple feel that is ideal for 6mm ID coils.

Made in the USA

Wotofo XFiber Cotton is made from organic cotton and comes in packs of thirty strips. Each strip is 60mm long and agleted on one end. These strips are ready to use and fit within a 3mm or 6mm wire coil structure. This cotton has been electro-cleaned and has an odorless wicking property. Wotofo XFiber Cotton’s packaging helps to ensure its purity and makes it an excellent choice for those who are concerned with the environment.

Wotofo XFiber Cotton 6mm is made for use in the Profile RDA and Unity RTA. It is Electro-cleaned, which means that it absorbs e-liquid quicker than other types of cotton. Its longer fibers also make it odor and taste free. It is made in the USA, and is sourced from Xinjiang, a region that receives 3,500 hours of direct sunlight a year.

Made in Germany

Wotofo XFiber Cotton, also known as Agleted Organic Cotton, is the ultimate in fast-preparation cotton. Made from long fibres with a sheath at one end, Xfiber Cotton wicks incredibly well and offers outstanding absorption ability. Wotofo also makes sure the cotton is packed in a way to provide maximum flavor.

The XFiber cotton is available in packs of thirty strips, each measuring 60mm long and agleted on one end. This pre-cut organic cotton is easy to install and fits within a 3mm or 6mm wire coil structure. It is made in Germany using old-world methods, so you can be sure it’s made with high-quality materials.