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Artery Mod Kit – ​Best Vape Kits for 2022

Artery Mod KitThe Artery Mod Kit is a powerful and sophisticated device. It is compatible with most e-cigarettes and features an upgraded on-board chip that allows for accurate power level adjustment and fast firing. Its 0.96-inch OLED display makes it easy to read and adjust the device’s parameters. The device’s design and compatibility with other e-cigarettes are also great pluses.

Artery Mod Kit lacks airflow control

The Artery Mod Kit is a pod mod that uses a 0.96-inch colored display. To change the parameters of the pod mod, use the fire and +/ rocker buttons in sequence. These buttons have a positive click and no rattle. They are located between the 0.96-inch OLED screen, which displays all the parameters of the device. The Artery Mod Kit is compatible with most pods.

The Artery Mod Kit is an impressive device, offering many features. It also comes with two types of coils and a 1000-mAh battery. It also has a great taste and can be easily customized. However, the major drawback of this device is that it lacks airflow control.

Artery Mod Kit XP and RBA versions don’t fit

When it comes to e-cigs, the Artery Mod Kit has a lot to offer. This mod is a versatile device that allows you to choose the type of coil you want. It accepts two types of coils, the XP and the RBA. Each one has a different OHM range and is designed to give you a different vaping experience.

One of the biggest differences between the XP and RBA versions of this mod is the RBA deck. While the XP version uses the XP deck, the RBA version has a dedicated RBA deck. This means that your XP coils won’t fit. The RBA version is also bigger than the XP version, and you must line up the flat indents to fit the deck properly.

Artery Mod Kit lacks USB charging port

The Artery Mod Kit includes a variety of accessories, including a pod-like atomizer and 510 adapter. It also has a built-in e-juice tester and is compatible with two different types of batteries. The device can reach up to 200W and uses two 18650 batteries. One drawback of the kit is that it lacks a USB charging port, which can cause compatibility issues for some e-liquids.

The Artery Mod Kit’s USB charging port is Type-C, but it doesn’t include a cable. You’ll need to purchase a Type-C USB charging cable separately. The device also features a threaded cap with two venting holes. The cap has a black minus sign to indicate the negative position. The port is clearly labeled when in the positive position.

Artery Mod Kit lacks OLED screen

The Artery Mod Kit is a powerful vaping device with a small, sleek design. This 510-compatible device features a 50W wattage maximum output and is best used with the AT22 tank. Its home screen includes battery and wattage indicator lights, as well as a resistance gauge for the coil. The 510-compatible device also comes with a USB charging port and a spring-loaded 510 screw thread.

The Artery Mod Kit features a 0.96-inch color display for easy adjustment of wattage and TCR values. The display offers five different colors to choose from. It’s an excellent option for beginners.

Artery Mod Kit includes Cold Steel AIO pod mod

The Artery Mod Kit includes a Cold Steel AIO pod mod with a 0.96-inch color display. You can adjust the pod’s temperature, wattage, and TCR by pressing the fire button sequentially. The buttons are also color-matched to the pod mod, and have a positive click with no noticeable rattle. The Cold Steel AIO’s display screen also features variable power modes and a convenient E-Juice Test function.

The Artery Cold Steel AIO mod is the most versatile pod mod in the Artery line. It features a translucent pod cartridge, accessible filling holes, and a 510 drip tip. It also has a fully-functional control panel with ergonomic buttons and adjustment keys. The Cold Steel AIO features a USB type-c port and a built-in display for easy operation.